Energy Efficiency Promoted by Government

Topics: Real estate, Thermodynamics, Property Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: April 20, 2013
After going through the timeline and statistic observation for HK clean, anti-smoking and energy efficiency campaign in hk, we will analyze them into three attributes. Here you can see a red circle, later on when the program inside the circle are involved by general public while the program outside the circle are involved by building owners, property management companies and suppliers.

First of all, when we look into awareness, HK gov have promoted hk clean, anti-smoking and energy saving over 20 years through education, advertisement and labeling scheme. That is a general fact that being lap sap chung is disgusting, smoking is harmful and setting room temperature at 25.5 in summer is helpful for energy saving. But the voluntary scheme of Energy efficiency regulation for buildings is implemented by building owners and energy label are implemented by electrical appliance supplier. Even more and more people know there is energy labeling scheme, they may not know the issue about building efficiency regulation scheme. So we think that the public don’t have enough awareness about energy efficiency. For social acceptance, as the concept of non-littering and non-smoking are well-developed. More people concern about hygiene problem or don't want to be called lap sap chung so that they would keep the environment clean. Many smokers become more considerate so that they won’t smoke in enclosed area or even give up smoking. However, not much people’s behaivour are changed by energy efficiency campaign … for example… the temperature in this classroom now is XX degree C, which is much lower than suggested 25.5! that's y we put a cross here….. Although, there is a certificate of energy saving charter issued for commercial buildings or shopping malls where keep 25.5 degree C, it seems only can control behavior of building owners and property management. There is no involvement by the public.

Finally, control by legislation & penalty: there is a fixed penalty of...
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