Green Buildings

Topics: Earth, Natural building, Green building Pages: 4 (1348 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Green Buildings Can Save Us

Green buildings, or energy-efficient buildings, are perceived to be the kind of modern buildings that can save energy by implementing advanced technologies in these days. Looking at many good examples on the internet or television about these energy-efficient buildings, I feel that if we have the technology, why wouldn't we do something to save us from the increasing shortage of energy? It is easy and if we change all our old style utilities, we can live more comfortably than before. As the world is getting more urbanized day by day, the buildings inside cities have a tendency of becoming more energy-efficient, because people are trying to save energy. On one hand, people save energy for less cost, electricity, gas, water can cost a lot if we do not use them properly and sparingly. So in many households or schools, people start to change there old utilities into better efficient ones, things as light bulbs, toilets, air conditioners, urinals, televisions, window glasses, doors, and etc., can be change to a green version, which can save energy by avoiding a lot of unwanted waste. All of that if applied to one household, that household can be considered green or healthy. Such good implements can also be used in big buildings, so in a wasteful city, a green building can set a sound example for all else buildings, so that we can accomplish building a more energy-efficient city. On the other hand, the ultimate reason for saving energy by implementing energy-efficient is to save the earth, the resources on earth are being exploited crazily by humans and which can cause resource depletion in near future if we do not stop immoderately using those nonrenewable resources. So a green building is not always built, it is modified in a later time when the owner or everybody thinks it is necessary to put some mew green members into that building. As it is said that''Retrofitting existing buildings is just as important as making new...
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