Empress Luxury Lines

Topics: Insurance, Insurance fraud, Fraud Pages: 3 (1162 words) Published: August 22, 2012
Empress Luxury Lines
1) Analyze the ethical dilemma faced by Antonio.
In this case study Antonio work in the Empress Luxury Lines and he faced dilemma regarding the ethic in the work place. Kevin Pfeiffer works as a computer technician and his roles to estimated damage due to recent thunderstorm. Antonio requested a computer systems upgrade ever since he assumed his post two years ago. Phil Bailey, who was Kevin Pfeiffer’s supervisor, orders Kevin to reports the estimate of damage. Kevin reports about the $15,000 worth of damage so his supervisor and the chief financial officer both were unhappy with it. After that Phil Bradley called Kevin Pfeiffer to go back to work and haul all the underground wire and the systems prior to the arrival of the insurance adjustor. If Kevin perform this task than it would be damage of more than $500,000 which is beyond the actual estimate damage of $15,00.Kevin refused to perform the task and Matt called up to perform this task for them. Antonio faced dilemma such as what to do in this situation. He has mainly two choices such as a) to take a lawful action or b) compromise with person ethics. Antonio Melendez not feels any confident regarding bypass the chief financial officer Roger. Antonio Melendez not sure about his decision because he knows well very that there are no mechanisms was in place to report wrong-doing internally, and no protections were available for whistle-blowers. He had knowledge about the Empress Luxury Lines successfully defraud the insurance company in the past. Antonio Melendez was concerned about whether or not he should just sweep the issue under the rug. He feels that t the person most likely to be penalized internally was the whistle blower. Before Antonio joined Empress, there were rumors that company successfully defrauded insurance companies and the upper level-management has condoned such practice. 2) Create and describe two strategies for addressing the situation at hand. Antonio should response...
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