Eth 316 Simulation Week 3

Topics: Decision making, Rights, Employment Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: March 20, 2014
Ethics Simulation

Ethical dilemmas are a constant in the business world. In order for an individual to be adaptive to the ever changing rolls of their jobs it is in their best interest to research their company’s standard operating procedures as well as being informed on new company policies that are being implemented. In doing this research however, the individual will notice that specific problems are not always documented or covered in these manuals. In the area of ethics, people who are given authority must use various lenses to ensure that the company is meeting the expectations of its employees to guarantee their rights and fair treatment. Developing these virtuous attributes is geared at developing cohesion amongst employees, efficiency, and developing a positive reputation. Although there are many ways to resolve an intercompany dispute, the most ethically sound decision comes from people in positions of power being informed of the issue and setting their sights on ensuring fairness and ruling in favor of the option that creates the greatest overall good. This paper will examine the two Ethics Game examples and follow the worksheet format for answering questions. The issue presented in dilemma number one arises from an employee named Aaron Webb who posted sensitive company information. His posting was not derogatory in nature however the information is considered private. Many companies guard their information and keeping their core competencies sacred in order to remain competitive. Another employee named Jamal Moore sent an anonymous message revealing through hacking into Webb’s computer that Webb has many of these sensitive files loaded on his personal computer. The issue arises of how to respect the personal views of employees outside of the workplace. The primary stakeholders for this issue are the shareholders, the General Counselor, the Director of IT, the VP of HR, Jamal Moore, and Aaron Webb. Some of the...
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