Employer Branding

Topics: Employment, Brand, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: March 22, 2008
Aiming at retention of talent

Think Google, Infosys or Tata Sons. Great brands. Great places to work. And it’s largely word-of-mouth publicity by employees themselves that make these organisations highly coveted by job seekers across the country. That’s called employment branding (e-branding)-- positioning a company as a ‘great place to work for’ by using a well-crafted messaging strategy backed by consequential and relevant employee-oriented initiatives. In an era where organisations are falling over each other to recruit the best talent and employees hop jobs for just a few thousands rupees, employers need to stand out in the crowd. That’s why e-branding is increasingly seen as the single-most important factor influencing the selection of an employer by a potential employee. “What employment branding helps in doing is increasing the perception of a company as a potential employer of choice thereby not only reducing attrition but also increasing the pool of available talent. Also, most importantly, it makes the shift from people joining an organisation because of money to joining a company because of what it is,” explains Vipul Prakash, partner, Elixir Web Solutions, which helps companies build employment brands. Initiated by BPO firms, today, not only the entire IT industry, but also companies in banking, financial services, retail and hospitality swear by e-branding. And, as retaining employees in today’s competitive market becomes an even bigger HR challenge, delivering on the brand promise becomes all the more critical. Agrees Mandeep Singh, head-HR, BMR & Associates: “I perceive employment branding as the communication medium for the organisation through which the ultimate objective of attracting talent and retaining it can be achieved.” Strong employment brands have a magnetic effect when it comes to attracting and retaining good people. According to industry watchers, 15%-20% of today’s HR budgets are set aside for e-branding activities. So,...
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