Employee Selection Tool and the Interview Process

Topics: Employment, Interview, Scientific method Pages: 5 (1711 words) Published: August 7, 2011
Employee Selection Tools and the Interview Process
Axia College, University of Phoenix

Choosing the best suited individuals who are highly skilled and adequately suited for an employment position has become a difficult and sometimes a time-consuming process for employers. Today’s job market has become so diverse and competitive that companies must implement resources that assist them in carefully evaluating the credentials, backgrounds, and abilities of each candidate. Therefore, it is essential that organizations possess the ability to properly and effectively select qualifying applicants for employment positions. Hence, the HR recruiters or department heads rely on various selection tools designed to prescreen, evaluate and objectively select the best qualified individuals for the position, which will eliminate the time and money spent processing less qualified applicants. Just as many large corporations and technologically advanced industries reach for highly educated, experienced, skilled and talented employees, smaller operations such as supermarkets must also consider the diversity and competitive nature of the job market. Therefore, it is essential that the human resources manager and department heads carefully evaluate each applicant just as efficiently as larger more complex organizations. Supermarkets contain an array of department within their organization. These departments may range from fresh produce and meat departments, merchandising and stock departments, to cash management areas and supervisory or executive heads. “In these to tough and competitive times, and certainly in tight labor markets, the need to hire the right talent the first time must be a top organizational strategy.” states Sal Silvester, (2009). To make the proper selection though, recruiters in the supermarket must implement selection tools such as the application form, employee integrity and cognitive test, employee reference and employment verification checks as well as drug testing to ensure that the best suited individual is chosen that will effectively fill the vacant position as well as lead the company into future success. Silvester, S., (2009). The first step, the application process, is requiring the applicant to complete an application for employment form. As explained by Bohlander and Snell, (2007), applications are selection tools designed to prescreen for experience and education allowing the employers to differentiate between possible qualified applicants and lesser experienced individuals. In essence, this will evidently save the employer time and money that would otherwise wasted processing each separate individual. After the candidates pass through the initial application and interview process, narrowing the selection of candidates even further requires more in-depth reviews, hence the employment integrity and cognitive testing enters. Integrity tests are designed to evaluate the applicants reactions to various ethical scenarios that involve, theft, misconduct and or corruption within the workplace while cognitive test are designed to reveal certain skills and abilities, which reflect the applicants deductive reasoning, comprehension, and problem solving capabilities. The use of these tests allows employers to minimize employee misconduct and efficiently to place individuals in the best suited positions. These tests, and the organizations ability to effectively manage them, may also potentially raise company moral and ethical standards. Bohlander and Snell, (2007) explains it as, “Employment tests are an objective and standardize measure of a sample of behavior that is used to gauge a person’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics in relation to other individuals.” Drug testing is a selection tool that has experienced recent debates in regards to its effectiveness as an effective tool for providing a safer work environment as well as its ability to raise employee productivity. Drug testing however,...
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