Validity of a Job Analysis Process

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Validity of a Job Analysis Process
Keller Graduate School of Management

A job analysis is a scientific method to collect information about work activities, task, responsibilities, equipment that are all important to a job. It is a process that identifies exactly what the job involves and the duties that are requirements of the job. The importance of job analysis has been discussed in the subject of psychology, which indicates inherent personal characteristics such as knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) which are very important to execute and excel in a job. Colton, Krane, Kingsbury, and Estes (1991), introduced a strategy to examine the validity of the inventory data of job analysis. The strategy will test the hypotheses in regards to the expected consistencies of the data. In spite of the fact that the intent of the job analysis is to acquire an objective description of the patterns of work, some of the correlations among the data can be predicted with a high degree of confidence, and the predictions can test the validity of the job analysis data. An example investigates the validity of data collected as part of a job analysis for nurses In a research article by Ullah (2010), it is suggested, today’s HR managers are challenged with creating and nurturing a group of good employees in an organization. The process begins by a selection of employees. HR has used the selection method of the ‘interview’ for a long period of time. The cost that is associated to rehire and retrain a person solidifies how important it is to hire the right person for the right job. There needs to be an interview process that is reliable and valid. In this study, Ullah (2013), attempted to study a systematic approach of the employee selection interview. A proposed application of a three-step (3D) interview processes approach will increase the chances of hiring the most talented person for the position and the...

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