The Importance of Job Analysis in Management

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Job analysis Pages: 45 (13251 words) Published: April 23, 2013
1 Introduction3
2 Abstract of Job Analysis5
2.1 Concept5
2.2 Classification6
2.3 Major Steps in a Job Analysis6
2.4 Representation14
2.4.1 Job Description14
2.4.2 The Statement of Work16
2.4.3 Duty Description17
2.4.4 Qualification Specification17
3 The Importance of Job Analysis19
4 The Existing Problems21
4.1 Ignoring Job Analysis’s importance21
4.2 Lake of Flexibility21
4.3 Communication Disorders21
4.4 Poor Performance in Helping Employees’ Further Development22 4.5 Poor Accuracy22
4.6 Lake of Enough Objectivity22
5 The Suggestion of Using Job Analysis23
5.1 How to Conduct Job Analysis23
5.1.1 Job Evaluation26
5.1.2 Management of Compensation29
5.2 Other Suggestions for Using Job Analysis31
6 Case Analyses33
6.1 Corporate Profile of EMC33
6.1.1 Brief Introduction33
6.1.2 The EMC Brand33
6.1.3 Executive Briefing Program34
6.1.4 Partnerships34
6.2 Case Content34
6.3 Case Analysis35
7 Conclusion37

The Importance of Job Analysis in Management
——Base On the Analysis of EMC


Through a case of the EMC Company, which is caused by job responsibilities are not identified clearly, the article comes to the content of job analysis. The article gives detailed analysis of the basic profiles of job analysis, including its concept, classification, process, representation and so on. Then it expounds the importance of job analysis and its existing problems. And in view of the above problems presented in the work, some advices are given. Job analysis in the enterprise management and human resources management is very important. Only a reasonable job analysis, can make work duty more clear, can make human and resources used effectively, and maximizes the efficiency of enterprises in the limited resources. Job analysis is the common basis for assigning a training course or program, preparing performance tests, writing position (job) descriptions, identifying performance appraisal criteria, and job restructuring. Its other applications in human resource development include career counseling and wage and salary administration. Job analysis answers the questions of what tasks, performed in what manner, make up a job. Outputs of this analytical study include: (a) a list of the job tasks; (b) details of how each task is performed; (c) statements describing the responsibility, job knowledge, mental application, and dexterity, as well as accuracy required; and (d) a list of the equipment, materials, and supplies used to perform the job. Various techniques for conducting a job analysis have been used. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. As a result, different techniques or combinations of techniques are appropriate to different situations. The combined on-site observation and individual interview techniques are recommended for industrial, trade, craft, clerical, and technical jobs because they generate the most thorough and probably the most valid information. A job analysis schedule is used to report the job information obtained through observations and individual interviews. The schedule provides a framework of 12 items in which to arrange and describe important job analysis information. These 12 items are organized into four sections. Section one consists of items one through four. These items identify the job within the establishment in which it occurs. The second section presents item five, the work performed. It provides a thorough and complete description of the tasks of the job. The Work Performed section describes what the job incumbent does, how it is done, and why it is done. Section three presents items six through nine. These are the requirements placed on the job incumbent for successful performance. It is a detailed interpretation of the basic minimum (a) responsibility, (b) job knowledge, (c) mental application, and (d) dexterity and accuracy required of the job...
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