Current Trends in Education

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Current Trends in Education

Current Trends in Education
The trends in human resource management and its implications for education are altering. Several trends are innovative and are a result of the economy, while others are escalating as a result of new regulations, new types of degrees and education, and the type of people employed. The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of several of these current trends. The trends that seems the most critical to human resource management in education are the reduction of teachers, enhancing of job application questions, integration of technology, employee benefits, and providing staff recognition to encourage retention. These trends mark substantial challenges to schools with reference to workforce development, retention, and recruitment. New human resource management trends in education can be directly linked to the downturn in our economy. (Scheid, November 2009) Simply because more schools are downsizing the amount of teachers retained, and increasing classroom sizes due to budget cuts. Superintendents need to work with their human resource managers to determine what types of individuals will work well with their teams. Beyond the basic educational skills, human resource managers need to know if new hires and possible candidates can produce, can be trained, and can embrace a team environment, as well as generate the ultimate goal of enhancing the academic performance of students. More human resources managers are expanding upon job application questions as far as education, internships, and experience in fields of expertise. This allow for changes in interview techniques. Two types of interview may be used by the human resource manager. One is the screening and the other is the behavior. The screening is to cull candidates that do not meet specific requirements. The behavioral interview is to make an educated selection based on fair and legitimate criteria and not a “gut feeling.” (Mayer, 2008) Questions for applicants that are directly related to the school environment will be important in determining who gets the job and who is passed over. While the old standards still apply to race, creed, religion, and disability as well as others, human resources managers now have to deal with the state certification of individuals and make a dedicated effort to giving these people every opportunity afforded to them by the certification they received. In the district in which I am employed, prospective teachers must have passed at least one of the three test needed for certification in order to be considered for employment. There are six goals of the strategic plan for my school. The first is improving academic performance for ALL students while closing the achievement gap. Next is establishing and maintaining the school climates and facilities that are safe, orderly and supportive of effective teaching and learning. Third is developing and implement procedures and programs that will infuse technology to assist in improving the physical and fiscal management, efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the school division. Then reducing the over-representation of minority and other at-risk students in Special Education. Fifth is developing programs to promote the recruitment and retention of quality staff. Finally is promoting and encouraging positive home, school, business, and community relations that encourage student achievement. Technology is a significant trend and a fundamental part of our strategic plan. This trend is that technology advances are quickening in pace since the 1940s (Cetron and Davies, May 2008). This trend may accelerate more significantly as more schools integrate technology into there academic programs. These trends will necessitate more flexible and technologically savvy schools. The two technology objectives in our strategic plan are to ensure effective use of technology...

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