Employee Selection And Appraisal Methods

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Executive Summary
This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the employee selection and performance appraisal methods of CSM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Methods of analysis included a look at the current processes in place, interviews of the Human Resources department, research of literature provided by the custom text as well as from scholarly articles and journals. Results indicate that even though CSM has a structured employee selection procedure that seems to be working, it lacks reliability and validity. The performance appraisal system overall is functional but will need improvements to make it efficient, fair and devoid of ethical and legal concerns. Recommendations discussed in both areas include: Training interviewers on appropriate methods to use during the selection process; that they understand the effectiveness and limitations of the procedure to the organization and also training on Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) considerations to limit legal labiality. Introduce employment testing in the selection process since testing is more objective than interviews and can afford to give the hiring manager a fuller understanding of the capabilities of different candidates. Train appraisers on the performance appraisal system; beginning with setting of clear goals through the appraisal interview process. Create a calibration system to address performance rating issues and to ensure reliability and validity in the system. Create an anonymous appeal system to enable employees challenge their rating scores to avoid any legal and ethical concerns.

The success or failure of organizations depends greatly on the skills and talents of its employees. Managers directly influence this success or failure through the people they bring aboard through hiring. Regardless of the size of the organization, hiring the best and smartest employees provides the means for a solid foundation for growth and excellence. Making wrong employee choices can be costly to the organization. Additionally, equal employment opportunity legislation, court decisions and the uniform guidelines have also added an urgency requiring the selection process to be thorough and well executed (Bohlander & Snell, 2010). Successful organizations strive to engage their workforce to attain objectives that benefit the organizations as well as the employees themselves. Performance appraisals are helpful tools that organizations use to sustain and boost their productivity and aid progress towards set company goals. According to Kondrasuk (2012), it can both make a business more efficient and also help keep employees motivated. He further asserts that evaluating employees consistently will help organizations show where employees excel, where they can improve and how well they are in tandem with company goals. Overview of CSM Pharmaceuticals

CSM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a private specialty pharmaceutical company with a mission to develop and offer products and technologies that meaningfully benefits stakeholders, patients and customers. CSM manufactures a wide range of product portfolio including controlled substance products regulated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). I am the Manager of Controlled Substances activities. The company has about eight hundred and fifty full time employees. Due to the highly regulatory nature of the business CSM strives to recruit and maintain employees who have exemplary character and proven success according to a statement on the company’s website.

Employee Selection
Screening Process:
CSM utilizes a Targeted Selection (TS) process in recruiting candidates for vacant positions. The core of targeted selection is a nine-step process for interviewing candidates, analyzing interview data, integrating the data collected by all interviewers and making the hire or...

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