Interclean Career Development Plan Iii

Topics: Management, Employment, Goal Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: June 14, 2010
A career management plan is an important facet to an employee’s growth and development path throughout his or her career. This plan guides an individual on reaching their goals. Performance management combines the focus and dedication on improving performance on the individual or team level on a daily basis. To practice high-quality performance management, managers must provide timely feedback about performance, while consistently focusing attention on the ultimate objective (Cascio, 2005).

The new and improved InterClean sales team has just completed an extensive in depth training. As a result of this management would like to take this opportunity to do a much better job going forward on maintaining better employee appraisals and making sure employees are on the right track and remain there.

The ongoing dilemma with appraisals has always been finding the right way to communicate key individual processes. By providing in depth evaluations, management is hopeful these appraisals can only lead to positive employee development as well as motivate the employees to improve (Prowse & Prowse 2009) and take charge of their own career paths.

Performance evaluations will be done bi-annually using the appraisal form. The performance will be measured against the job analysis and organizational goals standards. The reason for the midyear review is just to check in with employees see what they need help with and let them know how they are progressing and to notify them of any weaknesses in their performance, if there are no weaknesses this is also an excellent time to inform employees just how wonderful a job they are doing. The annual employee appraisal goes over all the same points but it is also the time when raises and bonuses if applicable are discussed. The annual appraisal is also when management will discuss employee goals and aspirations, and assist the staff with understanding how to achieve those goals and advance their career simultaneously (Moran 2010)....

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