Analysis of the Performance Appraisal Systems Used at Bristol Omnifacts Marketing Research Firm

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Analysis of the Performance Appraisal Systems used at Bristol Omnifacts Marketing Research Firm

Prepared by
Lindsay Breen
HR Management

April 13, 2010

Prepared on partial fulfillment of the requirements of CM2300.


The purpose of this report is to determine the most commonly used performance appraisal systems, to examine those used at Bristol Omnifacts Research and to recommend changes which would benefit the company. Performance appraisal is important to Bristol Omnifacts and many other workplaces because it communicates to employees what their employer expects of them and how to improve their performance when lacking. This ensures full application of knowledge and skills, as well as, a stronger bond between the employer and its employees. Employees benefit from performance appraisal because they are reminded of what they need to be doing. Employers benefit by being able to identify anything they may be doing wrong. At Bristol Omnifacts, supervisors are reminded to act as a leader rather than a boss. Performance appraisal data is used for several reasons. From rewriting training programs, placing employees in development programs and directing employees in the right career to improving staffing procedures, ensuring the delivery of accurate information and understanding of job assignments, as well as, eliminating external challenges. Performance appraisal also ensures that discrimination does not occur when promotions and transfers are being planned. In a marketing industry, such as Bristol Omnifacts, feedback is also used to identify estimates and quotas for future projects.

With performance appraisal, come constraints. The biggest, in most workplaces, is time. Secondary, the measures must be job-related. Other issues that human resource specialists will encounter when conducting performance appraisal is various forms of rater biases, employee reactions, low degrees of seriousness, influence of past performance reviews, and labour and employment law. Bristol Omnifacts’ biggest issues are employee reactions and labour and employment law.

Past-oriented performance appraisal methods include rating scales, critical incident methods, behaviourally anchored rating scales, ranking methods and forced distribution. While future performance appraisal methods include self/peer appraisals, management-by-objectives, assessment center techniques, 360 degree and balanced scorecards. Rating scales have supervisors give their own opinion of their employees based on how they personally feel about their work. Critical incident method (CIM) has supervisors record employee reactions to critical situations. Behaviourally anchored rating scales are a combination of rating scales and CIM. Ranking method places employees in a list from best to worst. Whereas, forced distribution places them into different classifications. Self-appraisals allow employees to conduct appraisal on their own performance, whereas, peer appraisals allow your peers to. Management-by-objectives occurs when employees meet with their supervisors to discuss performance goals and set targets to be achieved. Some employees get sent to assessment centers to be evaluated by highly-professional raters. 360 degree method occurs when employees are rated by a number of different raters who have daily contact with them and balanced scorecards are used to figure out what motivates employees to perform well. Bristol Omnifacts makes use of rating scales, scorecards and management-by-objectives.

Evaluation interviews are conducted to deliver feedback to employees. The feedback tells employees where they are in their career path and what things, if any, they need to change to perform better. When dealing with new employees, employers simply convinces the employee they must perform better. Other approaches, like the approach Bristol Omnifacts makes use of, gives employees a chance to express their feelings and identifies problems that need to me solved. The...
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