Performance Mgmt amba620 week4
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Performance Management
Jasamine Stephens
University of Maryland University College

Author Note:

This paper was prepared for AMBA 620 9044, Managing People and Groups in the Global Workplace, taught by Professor Lucia Miree

Performance Management
An organization uses a performance management as a tool to examine and evaluate rather and employee’s work behavior is meeting standards. There are job descriptions set for each position within an organization. To measure an employee’s performance, the organization uses a performance appraisal system. This system determines rather the person being appraised will need additional training or, is not right for the position. This paper will discuss an organizations need, as well as purpose for a performance appraisal system. It will also discuss the requirements necessary to have an effective performance appraisal and some of the possible limitations.
The position to be discussed is that of a translation and print portal manager for a global sales training company. This particular position is responsible for the management of all translation project and print portal functionality, content and day-to-day customer service to the organization’s worldwide franchise field. The position has two different sets of responsibilities one for the position of translation manager and the other as print portal manager. In the positon of translation manager the key responsibilities are to become the point of contact for the outside translation agencies that are used within the organization. There is also the task of prioritizing and tracking the process of each translation project and keeping constant relevant worksheets on each. The translation manager is also responsible for desk-topping product into a print ready file and ensuring that final version of the translated material is placed in the appropriate folders. The translation manager is also responsible for the approval of quotes

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