Employee Safety in Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited, Althaur Unit, Chennai

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Human resource is a valuable resource, or asset of every organization without the human resource, no organization can accomplish the organization goal. In an industrial sector, there is a lot of chance and various factors which may create physical hazards and injuries. Occupational safety, healthy, industrial hygiene is the legal provision which covers under the factories Act 1948, but it is unpleasant that they are not implementing effectively (Gary Dessler, 2005).

Industrial employees are exposed to various occupational hazards or injuries the work environment. By identity the factors which create physical hazards and economic loss of the industries, we can provide the solution to prevent the various industrial hazards. So by applying various steps of safety measures or safety precautions which may be helpful for the employee to work in the fearless environment of various industrial hazards and it will leads to achieve the organizational goal (Basu, 1990).

In every organization the human resource management plays a vital role comparing to other departments because safety is one of the functions of personnel department and there may be specialist in charge of safety under the personnel division (Shivarudrappa.et.al., 2009). By review the concepts of various authors the researcher view about the Human Resource Management is “The oxygen is the most important one to survive in this world”. Likewise the Human Resource Management is very important one in every organization industrial field. Human Resource Management helps the organization to get a remarkable name in the competitive industrial field.

And the human resource management provides various provisions to the employee of the organization for the safety, health, welfare. Safety is the major issue in every organization which has the greatest responsibility to maintain and ensure the employee safety. In the United States, foreign born workers increased 22 percent from 1996 to 200, while fatal injuries among foreign-born workers increased by 40 percent, according to a 2004 analysis published in Monthly Labor Review (Venon Mogenson, 2005). Gas leak in carbide factory in 1985 in Bhopal Killed thousands and disabled lakhs of people. Society suffers a great deal due to industrial accidents.

Our Tamil Nadu Government is working on work safety and occupational health to reduce incidence of work related injuries, fatalities and disease and promote a safe and productive environment, T. Prabhakara Rao, Principal Secretary to Government, Labor and Employment Department and Regional Labor institute (RLI), inaugurated a seminar on ”Best practices in Safety, Health and Environment” and Mr. Rao, announced at least 12 committees had been constituted across industry verticals such as engineering, petroleum, textiles and pharmaceuticals to evolve recommendations on work safety and Occupationalhealth (http://www.hindu.com/2020/11/23./stories/2010112351730500.html, 12 Dec 2010).

In the present trend industries place a big part of economic development t of individual as well as of our country. Industrial employee or workers are the part of our society. When we focused on the safety in occupational setting, it is not only strengthen the employee to work effectively it leads to ensure the survival of the employee as well as the industrial free from various industrial hazards finally it helps to accomplish the organization, individual and social goals.


Employee Safety is the big issue in every organization and especially in chemical industries for that the researcher had chosen the Orchid Chemicals, Chennai and also its one of the Top 15 companies in Pharmaceutical industry. So, definitely they are very much conscious about employee safety. From that, what kind of safety...

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