Maintain a Safe Working Environment

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Employment, Accident Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Maintain a safe working environment for all employees:
Occupational health and safety procedures have to be implemented wherever work is being carried out whether in the office set-up, factory, construction site or home. Policies should be developed in consultation with all employees. In some cases, it may be imperative to organize support persons or interpreters for employees that have disability so that every employee is involved in the consultation process. Riordan as an employer has the responsibility to provide a safe work environment for all employees, free from hazards, and complying from all state and federal laws. Health and safety in the workplace is about preventing work-related injury and disease, and designing an environment that promotes well-being for everyone at work. Knowledge is the key ingredient in providing a safe work environment – if everyone knows the correct procedures then accidents and injuries can be kept at minimum. Safety, evacuation and emergency are the checklists available to help Riordan provide a safe working environment, and should develop and have a sustainable occupational health and safety policy to meet under mentioned standards a. Riordan must ensure that the way work is done is safe and does not affect employees health b. Tools, equipment and machinery are safe and are kept safe c. Ensure ways of storing, transporting or working with dangerous substances is safe and does not damage employees’ health. d. Riordan has the obligation to provide employees with information, instruction and training necessary to do their job without any damage to their health. e. Riordan should carry out inspection of the workplace regularly and keep a record of what is found during such inspection. Finally, it is important that Riordan checks relevant state or territory legislation for more specific guidelines as health and safety legislation can be different in each state and territory, and specific industry sectors may also...
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