employees rights and responsibilities

Topics: Social work, Employment, International Federation of Social Workers Pages: 9 (2266 words) Published: October 2, 2014

Understanding Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health , Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings.

1 .
Aspects of employment covered by law
Contract of employment
Health and safety
Redundancy and Dismissal
Disciplinary procedures
Training .

Contract of employment
Working hours. Annual leave entitlement Sick pay Notice of termination Health and safety

Working conditions Protective workwear Role and responsibility of employee in regards to their own safety & the safety of others Training i.e health & safety awareness , first aid training Discrimination

Sex discrimination Race discrimination Disability discrimination Equal pay Redundancy and Dismissal

Redundancy notice period Redundancy payment Unfair dismissal Complaints procedure Disciplinary Procedures

Employers and employees should act consistently Proper investigation to establish the basis of the case Opportunity to resolve the case informally Employees right to appeal against any formal decision made Training

Employee’s awareness of job role Rights and responsibility of employee Health and safety training...
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