Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement Model

Achieve Results Employee Engagement is directed towards achieving results. The first key of the model is on the far right hand side and begins with the results the organization, department, team, or individual wants to achieve. The key question for this part of the model is: What do you want achieve and how will you know when you achieve it? Craft Strategy From the far right hand side of the model we move back through the model to the far left hand side of the model. To achieve results we need to craft a strategy to get there. How will we get those results and does everyone know the organization’s intentions and plans? Is our strategy engaging and will we have high enough employee engagement to fulfill the strategy?

Connect A central key of employee engagement is connection. In some ways connection is synonymous with engagement. How well are employees connected to the other elements of engagement ranging from their organization to genuine happiness? Connect starts the central keys of CARE embedded in the employee engagement model.

Authentic Authenticity is the A of CARE. Employee engagement must be authentic. Employees and customers can spot phony from a mile away or even in a moment of time. We must transcend superficial relationships, community or happiness towards engagement that is heartfelt. Powerful engagement is real and robust.

Recognition The R in the core of CARE is recognition. Potent employee engagement requires powerful recognition. We are talking about a lot more than long service awards or pens. Are employees fully seen and acknowledged? Do employees see the importance of what they are doing and how their work connects to results?

Engage CARE ends with the E of engage. We so often talk about “engagement” and substitute the verb of working (engage) for a static noun (engagement). Engage focuses on the actions of engagement....
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