Evaluate the importance of performance and engagement with followers in an organization

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1.1 – Evaluate the importance of performance and engagement with followers in an organization To me “Leadership means leading people for positive outcomes”. An effective leader may have many aspects but the relationship that exists between a leader and their followers is one of the most important aspects of leadership which can determine the success quotient in any organization. To evaluate the Performance in any organization would simply mean to understand the goals and objectives of the company and how the goals/ objectives are achieved are the means of measurement. Different organization will have different objectives. For some it would mean high revenue, managing resources, customer satisfaction, and strong governance, building trust and reliability or all of these together in most cases. Measuring these performances should result in gaining the revenue, good rate of employee retention and satisfaction, meeting certified quality standards, client satisfaction and of course, profit. Either individually or collectively taken these becomes the means to measure performance. Engagement in the business sense can be defined as the process and mechanics by which a leader/manager establishes a relationship with their direct reports (followers). How the manager takes the time to engage and understand their staff (followers) team and using their talents to work together to achieve the common goal and objectives will be the winning formula in any organization. The team resulting as being the most effective and efficient becomes the means of evaluating successful engagement. In evaluating my understanding of performance in DPG and engagement of team, let me share with you an experience of my dept’s performance which was managed for 5 short months prior to a major re-structuring in the organization. Having joined in Sept 2012 to handle leasing of certain territories, in Oct 2012, I was asked to step in and take additional responsibility of handling a unit which managed by a manager for 2 years and who had left a team of 3 staff. The team consisted of an Assistant Manager, Receptionist & Office Assistance. I was given an additional support staff from another team which worked closely with the unit but had no experience in the relevant field however was known to be adaptable.

Within 1st week of taking office I meet with each member individually to listen to understand their jobs they performed daily, how they contribute to the company, gauge their commitment to work, understand their areas of strengths and weakness and if they had any concerns.

I concluded that no records or information were properly maintained, frequent cancellation of accounts, indifferent attitude with customers and clients, staff morale was very low as promotions and increments were not given in 2 years, differences between each staff, non-punctuality to work, high accumulation of leaves and overlapping of roles and responsibility. I also concluded that the Assistant Manager was given a free hand to run the day to day operations and made all the decisions. He was in the position for 3 years, had no past experience of the job and managed to do the job to the best of his understanding.

At the end of 2nd week with the team meeting, the current state of affairs was outlined to the team and our goal was Sustaining Accounts
Operational Excellence &
Customer Satisfaction

They way we would go about doing this:
Regular staff meetings in which milestones discussed. Any challenges identified to our success, we brainstorm on best alternatives. If there are specific people who need to be influenced to move our things forward, I take on the role of finding the best avenue for influence I make sure to circulate all appropriate communications from senior management by email and I encourage questions and discussion. I have an “open door” policy where staff can discuss any challenge they are having and together we look for solutions Each person was...
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