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Topics: Mass media, Sociology, Media influence Pages: 7 (4455 words) Published: September 10, 2014
The International Asian Research Journal 01(01): 59-65, 2013 ISSN: 2310-337X
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Zafar Ali, 2Mirza Jan and 3Syed Qamar Bukhari

PhD Scholar, Department of Mass Communication, Gomal University, D. I. Khan, Pakistan. Email: zafaralizfr@yahoo.com


Associate professor, Department of Mass Communication, Gomal University, D. I. Khan, Pakistan.

PRO/Registrar, Department of Public Relations and Publications, University of Agriculture Faisalabad

Abstract: There are various medium of communication like electronic media, print media, internet and mobile communications. Present study focuses on electronic media and its impact on society-changing value system in Pakistan. It also tries to explore different roles and objective of electronic media in changing the society. The study measures diverse aspect of media which influence the society. Pakistan is an Islamic democratic country where media has faced numeral restriction in past eras. From last decade electronic media has got freedom in Pakistan and a large number of electronic channels are established in Pakistan. At the present time media has a powerful affect on individual’s lives. Especially electronic media reshape the masses lifestyle and promote a global culture. Keywords: Electronic Media, Media Influence, Value System, Cultural Change, Media Impact. I.


Electronic Media” are those communication
mediums which are based on electronic or
electromechanical means of production and most often
distinguished from print media. The primary electronic
media sources familiar to the general public
worldwide include radio, sound recordings, television,
video recording and streaming internet content”. It
denotes, “the main means of communicating with
large number of people, especially television, radio,
internet and satellite”. [1] The electronic media have
four basic functions; to inform, entertain, educate and
influence the public opinion.
The 20th century can be termed as the century
of communication. The main mean of mass
communication grew in succession as the century
unfolded. Motion pictures arrived on scene in the first
decade of this century. Regular radio broadcasts

started in 1920s. Television entered the arena in 1940s,
followed by cable television in 1950s, and satellite
television in 1970s. Lastly the personal computer gave
access to Internet in 1980s. It transformed the
interconnected computer networks through World
Wide Web by the 1990s. [2]





Media messages have a deep impact on the
society and are instrumental in creating the popularly
accepted norms. Culture can be defined as the way of
life which includes beliefs, aesthetics and institutions
of a civilization. Considering today's way of life, we
would be lying if we didn't admit that media is not an
influential entity in our culture. In order to understand
the concept of national cultural identity, it must be
clear what is meant by “Culture”. Culture can be

Corresponding Author: Syed Qamar Bukhari, PRO/Registrar, Department of Public Relations and Publications, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan

The International Asian Research journal 01 (01): 13-21, 2013 the outburst of unfortunate incidents where children
have gotten extremely violent and out of control.

defined as, "a complete way of life of people, the
shared attitude, values, goals and practices that
characterize a group, their customs, art, language,
literature, religion, philosophy, etc, the pattern of
learned and shared behavior among the members of a
group"(Ali, 2010). [3] In short culture is a way of life
shared by the members of a society. This includes their
ideas, beliefs, language, values, knowledge, customs
and the things they make.

Influence of Electronic Media
In the...

References: Ali, Z., Jan, M. & Saleem, N. (2010).
Volume 25, Issue 4, 2013.
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