Role of Media

Topics: Mass media, Media, News media Pages: 28 (5965 words) Published: December 22, 2010

Role of Media on Pakistan


Jasmin Ahmad
Naveed Saleem
Shahbaz Ali Shah


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We are living in a media-driven world where we all are influenced by the media messages. Media plays an important role in setting the agenda of the public. The agenda setting role of media has been recognized worldwide and a number of research studies have been conducted all over the world to investigate this role of media. Perhaps this study is the first ever research to investigate the agenda setting role of media in Pakistan.

The Pakistani media is an enthusiastic member of the new warrior clan of the 21st century and despite belonging to war-torn country, is playing active role in keeping with the demands of the modern times. Media in Pakistan has been more informative than ever before. Media in country creates genuine public enlightenment about real life issues- Issues that matter such as health, education, sanitation, unemployment, increasing prices of essential commodities and the state of the country and the nation. In modern age, media has assumed the role of a guide in daily life of everybody. It is used as instrument of policy by the government. The volume of output of print and electronic media is simply overwhelming. The media in Pakistan continuously shapes and reshapes our opinion, attitudes and perceptions.

Media is among the wonders of the twentieth century as it exposes coordinated messages repeatedly to millions of audiences. Impact of Pakistani Medias on general public is very important and sensitive issue for the society and the government. We explored with sample from 05 different residential areas of Peshawar, 250 householders to come up with practical insight of role of media and its influence on general public’s behaviour. Our results showed interesting findings that media is creating positive awareness among Youth to some extent. It shows that that the general public neither accept nor deny that media is creating positive awareness among Youth.

The purpose of this paper is to throw light on the three- dimensional role of media i.e. informing the public, educating the unknowledgeable and providing entertainment, and the state of print media, radio, television and internet in Pakistani society.

Keywords: Media, general public


Media of any country is reflection of that country. It shows that how person behave and live in their country. The way of expressing news, way of talking of politicians in political debates and discussion programs shows the behavior of people of that country. Although media's responsibility is to spread true stories but media should be careful in this regard. They have to adopt such a way in which they could aware public without impacting negatively their mind sets and make them able to protest in a true manner which could result oriented. McCombs and Shaw assumed that “the mass media sets the agenda for political campaigns, influencing public attitudes toward desired issues”. Hence we can say that in Pakistan the responsibility of media is much more than any media in the world, because Pakistan needs a big change and only media is now, as much powerful. At present media is the only source which is easily accessible by all walks of people through various electronic appliances i.e. TV, Radio, Internet, News Papers and now mobile phones also used by people to aware of events every time. Media affects people's perceptions and priorities their thinking about the political contents.

Problem Statement:

Media has been given independence to say and show things and acts whichever it consider important in the name of providing information to the public. This has happened more independently in the last decade. To find out whether this has become the cause for the frustrated...
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