Analysis of Ptv News Channel

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Analysis of PTV News Channel

PTV News (formerly PTV World) is a 24-hour state news channel in Pakistan. It provides news in English and Urdu to the Pakistani community worldwide. It also provides News in Arabic/Sindhi/ Gujrati /Pashto/Kashmiri/Gojri /Balti /Shena. It's the only Government News channel of Pakistan so because of this many people criticize its unfair news reporting like this news channel is always in the favor of current Government. Until 2007, PTV News was known as PTV World News.

Mission Statement: Sach Zimendari kay Sach (Facts with responsibility)

Competitive Analysis:
Gallup Pakistan’s TV Ratings Services, 8.6 million Pakistanis have watched PM Online aired on PTV News & Samaa TV on 1st March 2011. Not so surprisingly 80% of these 8.6 million Pakistanis hailed from rural areas and only 20 % from urban areas. According to Gallup Media Research experts the number is very sizeable in comparison with other High Ratings Programs in the country. The prime reason for such a high figure appears to be near monopoly of PTV in Rural TV viewers of Pakistan. Furthermore, a sizeable number (2-3 million Urban Men and Women) do not have access to Cable Channels and therefore have PTV News as there only available channel. The figure contradicts the prevalent view in the country that Cable Televisions are the only source of information in the country and PTV has lost its relevance.

Figure [ 1 ]: Market Share of TV Channels

Now-a-days PTV is facing lot of problems in terms of its management, corruption, and business etc. Every department is marred by corruption. This corruption includes in departments like in administration, production, and in finance. PTV has surplus of employees means there are more employees than required. All most all of the employees are placed through nepotism. Transfer and promotion of employees are made on political basis....
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