Effects of Computer in Business

Topics: Accounts receivable, Bluetooth, Balance sheet Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: June 7, 2013
Computers creative efficient work flow and ease communication •If you are running a business that doesn't in at least one way utilize a computer, you can probably save your business time and money by investing in one. Computers are multi-faceted tools of this and the next generation, eternally evolving to be faster, stronger and better-equipped to accomplish infinite tasks. With the evolution of the Internet, businesses have transformed into globally accessible industries in which communication spans thousands of miles of ocean in seconds. The Internet has also become one of the most powerful advertising tools of the decade. With companies such as Google and Yahoo! linking consumers with businesses through Internet searches, a business' accessibility increases drastically. Small business owners benefit from computers by managing books with programs like QuickBooks, with which the company owner can manage payroll, inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, taxes, bills and much more. Computers facilitate inventory management and data storage

Computers facilitate and expedite the storage of information, such as product information, inventory, customer phone numbers, invoices or anything data related. With enough storage space, database programs can store thousands of files for decades. Computers make pencil and paper jobs obsolete. From accounting to inventory management, computers are faster and more accurate. Bluetooth technologies make inputting data into computers even easier. As through wireless communication, computers can detect items and data without human interaction. For example, utility companies can now take advantage of Bluetooth technology to read meters. Vanguard Utility Services is an industry leader in retrofitting meters with technologically advanced meters. With Bluetooth technology on a meter, a utility worker can drive his truck slowly down a residential street while a receiver on the truck collects data sent from homes in the...
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