Capital Punishment and Opinion

Topics: Death Penalty, Recycling, Argumentative Pages: 8 (1937 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Opinion Essays

Structure of the Opinion Essay:

Introduction – introduces the topic and state your opinion clearly

Body - consists of three or more paragraphs each presenting a separate viewpoint supported by reasons/examples

Conclusion – summarizes/restates your opinion using different words

Useful Language
То express opinion: I believe, In my opinion, I think, In my view, I strongly believe, I see it, It seems to me (that), As far as I am concerned, I am (not) convinced that..., In my opinion/view …My opinion is that …, I (firmly) believe …, I (definitely) feel/think that, I am inclined to believe that …… То list points: In the first place, first of all, to start with, Firstly, to begin with То add more points: what is more, another major reason, also, furthermore, moreover, in addition to this/that, besides, apart from this, not to mention the fact that То introduce contrasting viewpoints: It is argued that, People argue that, There are people who oppose, Contrary to what most people believe, As opposed to the above ideas

To introduce examples: for example, for instance, such as, in particular, especially To conclude: To sum up, All in all, All things considered, Taking everything into account.

Exercise 1
Read the following models and answer these questions:

a) Which is an "advantages and disadvantages" argumentative essay? b) Which are the advantages and disadvantages mentioned?
c) Which is an argumentative essay expressing opinion?
d) How is each viewpoint supported?

Finally, give the paragraph outline.

Computers: A blessing or a curse?

Almost every home, office or school has a computer of some kind these days. Many people feel that these machines are now an essential part of our lives, but how necessary are they really?

One of the main advantages is the time that can be saved by using a computer. This is especially beneficial in the workplace, where employees can do their work far faster than they could in the past. In addition to this, computers can be educational and fun. From a very young age children can gain basic computer skills through programmes that allow them to learn, draw, paint and play. In today’s technological world, this knowledge can only help them in the future.

However, there are various negative aspects to using computers. Many jobs have been lost due to the fact that computers can do a lot of tasks more efficiently than humans. This has led to high unemployment in many countries. What is more, computers can actually cause health problems. Endless hours in front of a screen can cause eye strain and headaches, which are serious side-effects.

To sum up, it seems that computers are a useful addition to our fast-moving world of high technology. However, it must be remembered that they are here to serve us – not to replace us.

Computers are a necessity. Do you agree or disagree? Support your opinion with arguments and examples.

Computers play an important role in the lives of most of us today, whether we realize it or not. Some people, however, are beginning to ask if we really need them. In my opinion, computers have become a necessary part of modern life.

In the first place, computers can save a lot of storage space. Storing information on computer disks is one of the most efficient ways of keeping data. One computer disk can hold the same amount of information as several books.

Furthermore, computers save everyone a lot of valuable time. Stored information can be found at the touch of a button, whereas searching for it manually takes much longer. Therefore, our every-day lives are made easier - from going to the bank to doing the shopping.

Nevertheless, there are those who claim that computers are unnecessary and make our lives more complicated. They argue that in the past we managed very well using other methods and that we have become too dependent on computers. However, they fail to consider that the time saved by using computers...
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