Critical Information Systems

Topics: Management, Supermarket, Information systems Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: September 13, 2010
Critical Information Systems Paper
A lot of things in a business can be managed with a well thought out Information System. Regardless of a business, computers can help keep up with things that are repetitive tasks, and usually involving many man-hours that can be easily saved. They can also give the ability to check critical aspects in seconds instead of having to manually go check on things. One of the biggest things that an Information System can do for a grocery chain is manage inventory. When an grocery store has a low inventory, then they will turn away customers who may not shop there in the future. A high inventory will cause overspending on current stock, as well not having the freshest ingredients like this particular chain wants. When trucks come in it will be easier to count the product once, then input it into the system, then it will be to count inventory every couple days. This system will be able to keep up with the different items bought with each transaction. By using a computer, it can keep up with an daily records of what is bought each day. From there it can subtract it in real-time from the current inventory, and you can have an updated list of how much product you have on hand. This is critical because if you are getting low on a particular product, you can adjust your ordering level to compensate. Ordering items will easier to manage as well. The system can be modified to give updates on which product is getting below your ordering level. It can tell the manager which items are ready to be re-ordered, and which items are in a current well stocked rate. With this system, you will know within a few minutes what items are dangerously low, and you can order them as quick as possible to keep your customers coming back for more. Also a good system can keep up with year-to-date transactions. You can get a good idea of what sells more each time of the year. So, for example, around Christmas you will know that bakery supplies are...
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