Effective Communication

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Effective Communication Paper
Effective communication is an important and essential tool needed in health care organizations. Effective communication influences an organization success in a variety of positive ways. Keeping the organization employees informed about changes being made, knowledge gained, and successes achieved are an essential way of providing effective communication. Communication also provides the opportunity for questions they may have, employees need to feel that they matter to such organization they are employed by and need to feel the cohesiveness of not only their teams but from the whole organization, which promotes effective communication and unity within such teams of the organization. There is a variety of communication methods in order for the health care organization can communicate effectively internally and externally as well. The organizational model that best describes the organization I am employed by would be the hierarchical structured model. The organization is carefully blueprinted into functional departments, which are managed from the top of the hierarchy chief executive through a variety of structures, regulations, job description, rules and policies. This model seems to work efficiently, but room for improvement is always a possibility. The organization is compromised of several department heads and lower level employees who job duties are performed based on job descriptions. The department managers communicate through all staff meetings on a monthly basis and through the organization intranet in a form of a memo to communication about the organization’s news, changes, and successes. As employees, we are encouraged to participate in an all employee survey, which is anonymous, but constructed according to departments, professional levels, and job functions. This survey has been one of the most effective techniques for sharing and communicating information and ideas as employees, it is composed with a variety of questions...
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