Effective Communication Hcs/325

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Effective Communication Paper


Effective Communication

I am currently not working so I can’t explain what is currently being done at my prior job. I can explain what was done when I was employed in the past for effective communication. In this paper I will discusses what techniques were used for effective communication, what was ineffective techniques, how they were applied I the health care work place and how technology impacts effective communication. Effective techniques for sharing information and ideas

Working in the health care industry you will be constantly changing the way you communicate with others, whither it is a patient, doctor, or people all around the world. While working in the health care field I found that I was emailing people and calling them often. I would have to fax documents and records as well. I would say the most effective way to communicate would be by phone. I found it more personable and much easier to explain what was going on with a patient. There would be no miss communication because everything that would need to be asked and said would be and the break down is a lot quicker. Another way what is good is with the Electronic Medical Records. Using the records would make it easier in sharing information, “ The Vancouver Clinic has implemented a new computer system that gives not only its own physicians but those at area hospitals, and local pharmacists, instant access to patients’ medical records (Harshman, 2011)”. Ineffective ways of sharing information and ideas

Ineffective ways to share information in my point of view would be email. I feel that with email things get lost in translation. Yes, you can get our point across but it takes more time to do and several emails to get to that point. Email can be a more lengthy process that could end in you having phone conversations with the other parties as well. How these techniques can be applied and modified

In todays...

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