Educational Reforms in India

Topics: Higher education, Primary education, Secondary education Pages: 17 (5399 words) Published: August 20, 2013
International Journal of Social Science & Interdisciplinary Research Vol.1 Issue 8, August 2012, ISSN 2277 3630

*Ph.D. Scholar. Assistant Professor in Commerce, D.R.B.C.C.C. Hindu College, Chennai - 600072, Tamil Nadu, India.

ABSTRACT India has emerged as a global leader and a strong nation. Education is the key to the task of nation building as well as to provide requisite knowledge and skills required for sustained growth of the economy and to ensure overall progress. According to the Census Data 2011, India is overpopulated with a population of 121,01,93,422 which means India today is a powerhouse of talent of 121,01,93,422 plus. In order to convert the population from a challenge to an opportunity, the area that requires immediate attention is education and training. 25% of Indian population is still illiterate and out of the total population of 1.21 billion in India, 220 million children go to school. India’s GER (Gross Enrolment Ratio) is 12.4 percent. The GER in developed countries is between 50 percent to 70 percent. Our current education system selectively discards talented students with inquisitiveness, ability to ask questions and dream to do something challenging, something better for the society. This paper is an attempt to evaluate India’s efforts at reforming educational sector,analyses the growth of education in India during last two decades and suggests ways to ensure that education remains both affordable and accessible to all. KEYWORDS: Achievements, Education, Literacy, Training. ______________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION

Education starts with us when we start our life journey. From the very first moment, a baby steps into this world, she/he starts to learn. She/he learns to cry, to show any sort of discomfort, smiles to show his/her happiness and also learns to identify his/her mother’s touch. This process continues throughout his/her life because she/he learns something new every moment of his/her life. John Dewey said: “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” DEMOGRAPHIC DIVIDEND India is a Nation of young people - out of a population of above 1.2 billion, 0.672 billion people are in theage-group of 15-64 years, which is usually treated as the "working age population". It is predicted that India will see a sharp decline in the dependency ratio over the next 30 years, which will constitute a major demographic dividend for India. This large population should be considered as an invaluable human resource and should be provided the necessary skills so as to empower them to lead a purposeful life and contribute to our national economy.


International Journal of Social Science & Interdisciplinary Research Vol.1 Issue 8, August 2012, ISSN 2277 3630

INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM Until the late 1970s, school education had been on the State List of the IndianConstitution, which meant that States had the final say in the management of their respective education systems. However, in 1976, education was transferred to the Concurrent list through a constitutional amendment, the objective being to promote meaningful educational partnerships between the Central and State Governments. Today, the Central Government makes the national policies and the States have to follow it. The National Policy on Education (NPE) was formulated in 1968 and the National Policy Resolution of 1986, which was later, updated in 1992, where specific responsibilities for organizing, implementing and financing its proposals were assigned. About 80% of the funding for higher education is provided by the states and 20% by the center through various bodies such as the University Grants Commission (UGC).The Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) maintains the coordination between the central and state governments. PRESENT...
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