Pondering College

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“Pondering the Purpose of College.”
Education defined by Webster is the knowledge, skill and understanding that you get from attending a school, college, or university, and also the action or process of teaching someone especially in a school, college, or university. (Webster) We are encouraged to enriching and better ourselves through education and are told this at an early age. Robert Frost said “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self- confidence.”(Frost) I agree with this statement that with knowledge comes a better understanding and confidence about the world around you. College is a place were you can get an education to build your understanding and confidence about the world around you. How you get your education can raise some questions. Should I go to vocational school get certified or get a degree? Should my degree be specializing? Is the cost of an education worth going into debit for? I’m I to old to go back to school? These are just some questions that one may ponder about the purpose of college and what is right for them. I think that college is important and the experience received not matter what your age makes a well-rounded person and a valuable person in the work force.

An education is a multi facetted journey that we start at a very young age. We are taught to strive for a college education to make us successful. Students begin preparing for college as young as middle school, lining up classes, getting evolved in their communities, all to have a good college application and to be competitive. But as student’s progress to high school and the reality of what school will they attend, how are they going to pay for school, what degree are you going to focus on? Even the question of, do I need to go to college? What is the purpose? Creeps in. Today the impression is that college is the answer to make good money and have a successful job. A good job equals good money that...
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