education for future development

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Education for future development
Education is all about gaining knowledge about various subjects, things, skills etc. Gaining education depends mainly on schools, interest of children, parents etc. The quality of education refers to the standard and the effectiveness of providing education. We consider schools as the place where the children can acquire quality education. Now let’s move ahead to know about the problems and the role of education for future development. Education in India should be available to all the future citizens of our country. Many children are not able to acquire proper education due to many reasons. Some of them are- No awareness.

Lack of schools in small villages.
Girls are not allowed to go to schools due to lack of parents cooperation. Low financial conditions due to which they are not able to pay the fees. Providing quality education to the children has become an elephant task for our government. Many schemes and schools are introduced by our government for the sake of children. But when it comes to implementation, our government is lagging behind. It is not correct to say that it is mistake of government in not providing quality education, but it is also the duty of the people to make their children go to schools and acquire knowledge. Only when the cooperation is from both sides, we can bring a change and make India the best country in terms of literacy rate. When children can acquire quality education, they can become better future citizens of our country and work for the development. It is also clear that development can be seen only when the working population is strong and it can be strong only when the literacy rate among the population is more and it can be more only when there is a chance of providing quality education. It had been an age old practice of not allowing girls to enter schools and restricting them to homes....
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