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Name the items needed for food borne organism to grow
What are potentially hazardous foods? Give 5 examples.
Foods that is rich in protein
High in moisture content
Acidic content typically having a ph between 4.6 and 7.5

The five (5) examples are;
Meat (beef, pork, lamb)
Poultry (chicken, turkey, duck)
Milk (dairy, products)
Seafood (shrimp, fish, lobster)
Cut tomatoes (when ph is 4.6 or above)

Explain critical control points (CCPs)
This is a point, step or procedures at which control can be applied and food safety hazard can be eliminated or reduced these steps are called assessing the hazard and identifying critical control points.

Outline and explain the steps of the HACCP system
The purpose of the HACCP system is to identify, monitor and control dangers of food contamination.
Assess hazards
Identify critical control points
Set up standards or limits for CCPs
Set up procedures for monitoring CCPs
Establish corrective actions
Set up a record keeping system
Verify the system is working
HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. It is an internationally recognized based food safety system. On preventing, elimination and reducing hazards it identifies and deals with the hazards before it occurs.
HACCP recognized the best way to eliminate, reduce or control hazards in a food handling industry or the environment.
HACCP first identifies potential food safety problems and determine the best way to prevent them food safety hazards, or;

Explain the difference of psychrophiles and mesophiles
Psychrophiles (cold loving)
Microorganism’s particular bacteria have a preferential temperature for growth at less than 590(150 Celsius)

Microorganisms on earth belong to the group of mesophiles. It grows best in temperature between 100- 500c. They are formed in soil and water environment. Masts of dangerous

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