Unit 208

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 Unit 208.


Health and safety act working together.
The human rights act.
Equal opportunities act. (sp).
Manual handling regulation.


The main points of health and safety procedures are to
maintain good physical health while in the working environment, and Healthy living while at the workplace. And also to maintain maximum damage control for injuries sustained while in the job. Before starting in a new position, it often requires that these conditions are agreed upon with the prospective employer.


As an employee you have rights, and must take responsibility for your own well being and also your colleagues. You must follow work regulation policies and procedures of the business, organisation and the health authority. You must take care of your own health and safety, avoiding wearing jewellery or loose baggy clothing.

Employer or Manager.

Your employer has a duty of care to ensure as much as possible health and safety, and your welfare while at work. They should start with risk assessment as to possible health and safety hazards. They have to appoint a competent person with health and safety responsibilities, usually one of the owners, or a suitably trained member of staff.


If you have not done any special training, you must not use any moving and handling equipment such as a hoist,sling, slide board/sheet, or change dressings or administer medication.


You can access the additional support relating to the health and safety, by making direct contact to a given health and safety institution. Also speak to your manager or senior on duty.


To identify and assess all of the hazards that has the ability or potential to cause harm. If you do not assess the health and safety hazards, you will not be able to reduce the risk and more people could be injured or hurt.

Always report any risks immediately, and also in writing, however if the risk is high resulting in serious harm or danger, then someone should take responsibility and act quickly and safel,y to remove the risk.


Assessing the risk of a particular activity will provide a semi objective description of the likelihood of that activity implying in an undesirable way on those people doing the activity, other, or environment. This can help those performing the activity to do so with less risk.


Accident and sudden illness that can occur in a work place are: Falls, Slips, Back injuries, infections, diseases, and death. Also: Diarrhoea

Procedure that should be followed if an accident occurs:

Keep calm
Help as quickly as possible
Put client into recovery position if needed
Get help
Make area safe
Call emergency 999
And later assess the situation and the environment and make a record in writing immediately. Moving and handling is a key part of the working day for most employees from moving equipment, laundry, catering supplies, waste, to assisting residents in in moving. Back pain and muscle disorders can lead to inability to work, and moving and handling accidents can occur and injure both service user and staff, causing discomfort and also a lack of dignity.


Bodily fluid
Chemicals ie: disinfectant and bleach.
Cleaning products


The safe practice for storing, using and disposal of hazardous substances and materials are to use proper storage and a well ventilated area.Always check labels on containers and follow any handling instructions given. Use protective clothing and equipment, and don’t eat or drink or smoke when handling chemicals and check if any containers are damaged or leaking. When disposing of hazardous substances, they should always be disposed in the correct manner.


Fit smoke alarms correctly
Never leave stoves unattended
Keep portable heaters away from furniture
Unplug all...
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