Education & Learning Disability in India

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Learning styles Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Education & Learning Disability in India

Gone are the days, when a child is good at a certain skill, will be groomed for a particular job which required that skill. But now the scenario is totally different. Every other child is groomed to acquire a particular set of skills so that they join a particular job, without even identifying his/her natural skills. This creates a great pressure in students and eventually has become the” norm of Education”. This also contributes fairly, raising the incidence of Learning Disability among children. “Learning disability” (LD) has been the much talked about topic in the Education Sector in the recent years. To know about LD, It is important to know how we process information to learn. Everyone processes information differently. People’s individual learning styles tend to cluster into specific categories. Therefore, while each person learning style is unique and should be treated as such, there is much that can be said about learning disabilities in general. Learning-disabled students process information from different and/or multiple perspectives, which often cause difficulties when they are asked to think or work in a ‘traditional’ manner. It is not that these students cannot learn. it is that their different learning styles come with sets of characteristic strengths and weakness that differ from those people without such disabilities. In fact, these children with LD have average to above average IQ. Some have difficulty in seeing the letters and words as they are, they see the letters and words differently, some cannot follow multiple instructions, some in understanding abstract concepts, etc, and we cannot identify them by merely looking them and it makes them suffer more. We have lot of children in our schools with learning difficulties unidentified, which makes them suffer in academics.

All kids’ brains are unique- the LD child’s is just too unique for the school to handle. Each brain responds individually to...
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