Starting over

Topics: Education, High school, Teacher Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Staring over with school after being out of high school for 20 years hasn’t been easy. Students may deal with being scared, with learning to use new technology, and actually committing to doing online schooling, but with the teacher’s guidance and school’s support students will overcome these obstacles and succeed. The biggest fear for me with starting over with school is knowing that’s its’ going to be hard. Struggling with a learning disability and being out of school so long has put me in a position to not pursue with school. Over time I develop self-doubt. Since I was younger I was told that I was dumb because I couldn’t spell or because I learn at a slower pace. I’ve always had the fear of falling behind even in high school, knowing that it always affect me in a negative way. I was scared to take part in any classroom discussion. According to the NCLD editorial team, student with learning disability can enhance their learning if they had structure and daily routine in their lives. In having unit’s lectures to follow each day and discuss to complete as my routine, I feel that it help me to understand in a better way. I remember being in high school using the computer wasn’t a requirement it’s was there just in case you wanted to use it. When I was in high school typing on a type writer was the way to type papers, so going back to school was hard but even more challenging, knowing online school requires you to use computers. I use computers for shopping & social networking. Writing papers, downloading software and emailing homework is a bit hard for me but is something I can get the hang of once taught the correct way. According to Todd Pheifer, Being with the way technology has changed over the years, it may be a hard transition, for those who can’t handle learning at a fast pace. You really have to adjust to a new way of learning, but I believe with, will power it can be done. I’m so determine to finish school. I choose this field because it is very...

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