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Student Information Sheet

I. Complete the student information questions below.



Phone numbers:

II. Go to and read the Southern University College of Education Framework. Write approximately one substantive paragraph explaining what this means to you in terms of your Southern University educational perspective.

III. Please read the Professional Dispositions below and sign at the bottom. Professional Dispositions for
Teaching Excellence
Graduate School of Education

You are expected to demonstrate professionalism throughout your graduate education program. Professionalism includes the ways you participate in the university classroom and in teaching experiences in school. Your professional disposition is reviewed by advisors, professors, and the Professional Standards Committee. Exhibiting professionalism in the university classroom and the schools is a necessary requirement for continuing in the program.

|Areas of | |Professional Dispositions | | | |Dependability and Reliability – Candidate demonstrates behaviors that are characteristic of the professional teacher such as | |punctuality, attendance and organization. Lessons are very well-planned and presented. | |Respect -Candidate demonstrates respect for supervisors and colleagues, students and other educational stakeholders, and is held in| |esteem by peers and supervisors. | |Commitment and Initiative – Candidate demonstrates commitment to learning and students; creates different learning strategies for | |students; and shares new and unusual professional resources with colleagues. | |Responsiveness – Candidate seeks and values constructive feedback from peers, instructors, and mentors; and goes beyond the call of| |duty to utilized feedback in teaching and planning. | |Collaboration - Candidate creates positives relationships within the university classroom and with stakeholders in the school | |community as well as suggests tips for sustaining positive relationships. | |Open-Mindedness - Candidate demonstrates willingness that is characteristic of professionals in terms of willingness to examine | |both traditional and innovative practices, and demonstrates flexibility when dealing with uncertainty and complex educational | |issues through personal extensive inquiry and consultation. | |Knowledgeable – Candidate demonstrates awareness of current educational issues and demonstrates the ability to illustrate and apply| |subject matter concepts consistently and sequentially in lessons. | |Communication - Candidate demonstrates the ability to effectively write and speak, how to assist students in successfully utilizing| |applicable concepts of the language arts in terms of mastery as indicated by students’ work and grades. | |Confidentiality - Candidate demonstrates characteristics of the professional teachers such as sharing information about students | |and specific classroom anecdotes in confidential and respectful ways. Candidate shares information only with those...
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