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Life Orientation is an umbrella term which encompasses all the work that teachers should be doing with learners and include school guidance, counselling and life skills. QUESTION 2
Acceptance is concerned with all aspects of learning.
Three (3) different types of thought developments can be differentiated. QUESTION 4
An intensive, extended career education programme helps learners to gain knowledge of who they are. QUESTION 5
Lindhard and Oosthuizen differentiate between the following principles of decision making, namely: aims and value; information; solution and decision making.
A facilitative process is where the individual looks at his/her own interests. QUESTION 7
Assessment should only focus on the learner’s intellectual abilities. QUESTION 8
Observation is an exploratory technique that should be part of every educator’s role. QUESTION 9
The implication of the structured interview is that the interviewer and the learner encounter each other as equal partners.
Individual counselling is predominantly used as a mode of counselling in school settings. QUESTION 11
In the teaching of Life Skills education the learner is the centre. ETH203Q/101
In educational support the content should be presented in such a way that the learners themselves achieve personalization.
Study methods and reading skills are categorized as personal skills. QUESTION 14
Compiling a budget and writing a CV are categorized as survival skills. QUESTION 15
Imagining are dependent upon the senses and is a precondition for learning. QUESTION 16
The learner is able to transcend reality and enter a world of “nonreality” through the process of personalization.
The composite interview method is made up of the best elements from the direct and indirect interviews. QUESTION 18
The three main considerations governing a career choice are job description, working conditions and job opportunities.
In the decision making process the delaying decider is the “whatever will be, will be” type. QUESTION 20
During observation the learner is always the object. (20)

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