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By lacrossem25 Feb 19, 2014 772 Words
 Education Essay
English 10/29/13 Education has become a tremendous topic over the past several years and many people have come up with different philosophies on how to improve it. In “The Vision of Education Reform in the United States Remarks to UNESCO” by Arne Duncan and “Changing Paradigms” by Ken Robinson both have similar and different philosophies on education. Arne Duncan compares America to other nations, and Ken Robinson talks about the problems with our current day educational system. In the “The Vision of Education Reform in the United States Remarks to UNESCO” Arne Duncan addresses America as a whole. America is behind other nations in terms of educational success. There is a gap because one quarter of high school students drop out or fail to graduate on time, also 1 million students leave for the streets every year this is socially and economically unacceptable, and with the opportunity to acquire a good job without a high school or college diploma diminishing it is getting harder and harder to live without a proper education. Duncan also states that America needs to increase economic and educational competitiveness. The demand for educated workers has skyrocketed over the last decade and the United States simply can’t keep up with other nations. Americans have been introduced with new difficulties, now that Americans not only have to compete with fellow Americans but now with citizens from other nations. The most significant theory that Duncan presents is the idea that America needs to collaborate more with other nations. Collaboration is a necessity if America wants to accomplish our major goals like curing cancer, stopping world hunger, and obtaining world peace. Unfortunately America is not currently at a level in which it can keep up with other nations. To achieve such a level of educational success it is extremely important, America needs to improve upon STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math) subjects. America has the tools to accomplish these goals. This was proven when a study showed that “foreign-born students were earning masters and doctorates in science and engineering fields, now nearly half of America’s PhD scientists and engineers are immigrants even though they only take up 12% of America’s workforce overall. Although” The foreign-born immigrants usually return back to their home country with the skills they learned in America. Strengthening Americas rank in educational attainment to its former position is presidents Obama’s goal by 2020. It is immensely important that America strengthens its educational system not only to its benefit but for the benefit of nations all-around the globe. Arne Duncan identifies what America must do to progress on, an international standpoint; While Ken Robinson focuses mostly on improving America at home. In Ken Robinson’s “Changing Paradigms” he discusses what the United States government should do to improve schools in various ways. Ken Robinson discusses the lack of use of technology in schools. While students are stimulated outside of school with smart phones, computers, TVs, and tablets, when they come to school they are bored because they do not have that stimulation. This lack of stimulation can cause problems for students. Ken Robinson addresses one of these problems as ADHD. Robinson thinks ADHD is a “false epidemic”. He justifies his statement by blaming the lack of technology in schools. He believes that the high use of technology outside of school and the lack of it in school are causing the students to become bored, so they will try to stimulate themselves which is being diagnosed as ADHD. Ken Robinson in away wants our educational system to be revamped, such as he wants the way children are grouped to be change from age to ability. He also desires more in class collaboration like in a real workplace. He also wishes for the added use of technology in schools. Ken Robinson has a very agreeable philosophy on how education should be, however he fails to elaborate on how these changes should take place. Arne Duncan and Ken Robinson have very interesting philosophies on education but each focus on different parts of it. Duncan focuses on international success and on higher level education, while Robinson has a more local standpoint and is more K-12 based. Arne Duncan believes that America’s main priority should be to lead the world in educational success. Ken Robinson believes that the government should work on advancing schools technologically and changing education to better fit the students. America needs step up and step up fast both internationally and locally. By 2020 the president of the United States goal is for America to lead the world in college attainment America also needs to increase technology in schools.

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