Edmhodr Assignment 2

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Each time we teach a lesson, it is essentially a new ball game. The content changes over time, our students change and we change. The complex dynamics involved in the process of teaching and learning take on new layers of meaning when we stop to consider the ways in which we are similar as well as different from one another. Teachers need to be able to understand the dynamics of the classroom environment with learners from diverse cultural backgrounds. (3) In this particular lesson, I started off with a quiz as a recap session. This quiz was a little competition between students in the classroom. The purpose of this quiz was to get the students excited about recalling facts learnt previously. Clues were given when students got stuck, refreshing their memories. Questions ranged from which town Jack the Ripper was from to what the class thought his motives for murder were. The children responded well and were able to recall much information from the previous lesson. This I found allowed smooth integration into the next lesson. Obviously a quiz can not be done every lesson but it is a good idea to do recall sessions at the beginning of lessons to refresh student’s memories. (4) The following are the questions asked during the lesson: oWHICH TOWN DID JACK THE RIPPER CONDUCT HIS MURDERS?

This question deals with comprehension as they would have to recall from the book, or look it up in there notes. The aim of this question was put simply to ease students into the process. oHOW MANY VICTIMS WERE INVOLVED?

This question deals with comprehension again, as it is just testing the level of knowledge that was obtained in the previous lesson. Finding out if students could remember and recall which were victims etc. This question could also be taken to a level of application where I would ask the students to identify the victims by name or by there incidents. oWHY WAS JACK THE RIPPER SO FAMOUS?

This particular question is based on analysis as students now have to break up all the information they have learnt and decide which aspects allowed Jack the Ripper to become famous. Using this level of knowledge allows students to be active in the lesson, making them recall and search their memories. oWHAT ELSE WAS OCCURING IN LONDON AT THIS SPECIFIC TIME PERIOD? Now this question involved comprehension but it was also to assess how much students knew about that period of time and if they could associate different aspects with the killers motives. Basically assessing how the students could think rationally and logically. Allowing me to see which students as they are from all different backgrounds, which knew of world happenings and which would struggle with looking for this information. oWHAT DO YOU THINK JACK THE RIPPERS MOTIVES WERE?

This question is more intense as it as it involves synthesis and analysis as well as evaluation. These levels of knowledge involve breaking up information, putting information together and evaluating their thoughts on what they know.

(6) Students who answered questions only half correctly, the question was then repeated and they were given a further chance to try an answer the other half correctly. Repeating may jog the memory. If students got the questions completely wrong, positive praise was still given as to not discourage the student from answering again and getting it wrong again. Those students that answered correctly the first time were given praise however there can not be too much praise I don’t want to allow those students who didn’t answer to feel incapable however I want to empower them to achieve the same praise as those that got...
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