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UNIT IV 1750-1914
Chapter 24- Africa, India, and the New British Empire, 1750-1870

Directions: Using complete sentences, answer the following questions. Use the question as the stem of your response. Page numbers are provided.

1. What was the most powerful and feared fighters in southern Africa? P.625 2. How did Muhammad Ali pay for the experts and imports when he attempted to modernize the country? p.628 3. Despite the fact that Muhammad Ali was able to build up the strongest state in the Islamic world, what happened when the Egyptian cotton market collapsed after the end of the U.S. Civil War? p.628 4. Where did Ethiopia obtain their weapons? p.628

5. Who was David Livingstone? P.630
6. What was the most successful export from West Africa? p.631 7. What was the “thrust” of the British raj (reign) in India (what was its goal)? p.634 8. Describe why the economic transformation brought by the British raj was a “double-edged” sword. p.635 9. Why was the Sepoy Rebellion a turning point in the history of India? p.636 10. What caused the disintegration of the Dutch overseas empire and what lands did the British gain as a result? p.641 11. Who were “Afrikaners” and what was the Great Trek? p.641 12. What was the underlying goal of the British in building their large empire? p.643 Free Response Focus Questions: Answer these questions in a 4-6 sentence paragraph. In your own words! Do not simply copy from the book and memorize the response. Know it. Be sure to support your response with plenty of facts.

Understand where events fall historically (global context, cause/effect, etc)

1. Describe the process by which the Zulu kingdom and the Sokoto Caliphate were formed. pp.625-628

2. How did Muhammad Ali attempt to modernize Egypt? p.628

3. How did West Africans react to the end of the Atlantic slave trade? pp.630-632

4. What impact did industrialization have on the process...
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