LIB 316 Week 3 Final Research Paper Rough Draft

Topics: 20th century, Great Depression, Literary Genre Pages: 3 (540 words) Published: November 3, 2014

The file LIB 316 Week 3 Final Research Paper Rough Draft includes review of the topic "Imperialism and the colonial project".
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Final Research Paper Rough Draft. For Week Three you are responsible for writing a rough draft for your Final Research Paper in which you analyze a specific historical theme we’ve studied as it is developed in two literary works read or discussed in the textbook during the semester.

Use the “themes” list below as a guide and then once you have chosen the theme you want to examine, select two literary texts where you feel this theme is best reflected. You can choose any two texts read in this course but the selections must be from the course textbook.

Your draft and final version should be organized around a thesis statement about the theme and your selected literary works.

Select one of the following themes for the Final Research Paper:  Democracy and reform movements  Workers and the Industrial Revolution
 The “woman question”

 The “white man’s burden”
 Imperialism and the colonial project
 The Great Depression
 The impact of technology on 20th century warfare  Holocaust/genocide  Cold War
 Nationalism
 Totalitarianism
 Decolonization
 Race racism
 Environmentalism and climate change
 Globalization

Hybrid national identities 

 Dystopia
 Magical realism

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The file LIB 316 Week 3 Final Research Paper Rough Draft ...

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