Becoming culturally responsive educators: Rethinking teacher eduction pedagogy

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Kea, Cathy, Campbell-Whatley, Gloria. & Richards, Heraldo.:

“Becoming Culturally Responsive Educators:
Rethinking Teacher Education Pedagogy”.

NCCRESt publications. (NationalCenter for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems) 2006. Practitioner Brief.

Article focused on defining key challenges related to diversity in teacher education programmes and defines guidelines for culturally responsive curriculum. Findings were based on previous studies of number of researchers. Writers also reviewed the characteristics of culturally responsive teachers. The goal of the article was to demonstrate the need of rethinking current approaches to teacher education pedagogy and to provide guidelines for further development activities.

Cochran-Smith, M. (2004) found out that some schools have acknowledged the urgency for hiring culturally competent teachers while others found it challenging to fit appropriate programs into their curriculum. She saw that main reason for this was teacher educators´ resistance which was caused by their own discomfort feelings for dealing with culture sensitive areas such as children’s ethnically and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Teachers need to know how to adapt the content of instruction and teaching styles. In order to meet these targets, Kea & Utley (1998) determined that curriculum, methodology and instructional materials should be responsive to student’s cultural norms and values. Teachers should know who they are teaching, what they are teaching and methodologies to teach them. This means that teachers should be able to use researched-based pedagogy which is responsive to the learning, emotional and social needs of ethnically and linguistically diverse students.

Villegas and Lucas (2002) encouraged teacher educators to examine critically their programmes through different characteristics via their learning experiences and coursework. They defined six characteristics which prepare culturally responsive teachers to...
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