Economic Forecasting Paper

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Economic Forecasting Paper
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Economic Forecasting Paper
Utilizing valuable resources in Economic is essential and also identified as a key component for concluding results. Some the resources gathered are considered either quantitative forecasting factors or qualitative forecasting factors. These resources provide Economists with the data which supports the main theoretic objective and/or the arguing statement. Also the data gathered can inhabit the ability to analyze the historic data pattern to predict the future or unforeseen data pattern. The Resources

The Emory University (2009) website, there are numerous of valuable resources which are utilized by the Economists, currently can be found by any source such as reading materials, on the internet, by observation, and many more other sources. Some of the useful resources which are utilized; the Bureau of Economic Analysis (B.E.A), Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S), Angus Maddison On-Line, DataStream, and population survey. BEA is useful for information of economics topics such as; GDP, income, economic international trade, and local to national employment data. BLS provides report of local to national employment data and even through this resource is valuable some of the data lacks in update. Angus Maddison On-line, an Economic instructor, created a novel covering the history of GDP/capita and the globally population data throughout the countries. According to Emory University (2009), “DataStream provides a vast array of corporate, government, and intergovernmental data. Access is available through the public workstations in the Electronic Data Center and the Goizueta Business Library only.”(para 9) And population survey can assist with supporting evidence and/or converted into data for the research. Conclusion

As said previously the valuable resources are essential for Economist to collect the data which is required to conclude a study. BEA,...

References: Emory University . (2009). Electronic Data Center . Retrieved from
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