Compare and Contrast Scientific Management and Human Relations Approaches to Designing Work and Motivating Employees’

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popare poaching employees from other companies to overcome skills shortages, but that is hardly a long-term solution. Increasingly, Chinese companies are adopting the types of HR strategies familiar to US organizations, as well as beginning to tie pay to performance and to reward top producers in critical positions. Meanwhile, as more firms increase their presence in India, the annual output of qualify graduates and engineers is falling further below demand. India is experiencing a demographically driven youth movement, a fast-growing consumer middle class and an increasing pool of educated workers. Effective compensation programs must be flexible and robust and can include a strong variable pay components, enhanced cash-in-hand, and lifestyle benefitsChina Anonymous. Oxford Economic Country Briefings. Oxford: Sep 29, 2008. pg. 1, 7 pgs

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[...] the government is concerned enough about the growth outlook and the turn of global events to announce a range of fiscal boosts -from tax cuts to yet more infrastructure spending. * Although the prospects for export growth have worsened, the trade surplus may end up higher than previously expected due to the sharp fall in imports growth, which is partly linked to the decline in oil and other commodity prices. » Jump to indexing (document details)

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Copyright Oxford Economic Forecasting Sep 29, 2008
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* There has been good news from China in terms of the further decline in inflation (to under 5% in August) and the first cut in interest rates, with more cuts expected soon. Unfortunately, although consumers will clearly benefit, and retail sales figures point to growth remaining strong, both exports and investment are set to weaken. * While the Olympics effect will explain some of the bouncing around in the...
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