Eating Habits

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Different eating habits
Do you ever wonder why has so many different eating habits among CSUN’s IEP students? Because CSUN has students from many countries, so this can explain it. They came here to learn English and to study more about their field. On August 26 to 27, I conducted a short survey to find out the answer to this question. However, we also need to feed ourselves because we have to combine kinds of food to gain energy enough to do what we must: to study. Groups were made according to people’s nationality like Brazilians, Chineses, Koreans and Kwaitians, respectively. Each country group was separated by genre to compare if the habits were the same or not. Like Brazilians, for example, both of them usually eat healthy food three times a week. Their food don’t seem like North American one. Despite of them have a kitchen, they don’t cook because they eat at CSUN. However, their meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner are different because they live at different states in Brazil. Brazilian men have black coffee, eggs and bread for breakfast. For lunch is rice, beans, pasta and meat. They eat lasanha for dinner. Brazilian women have coffee with milk, banana, couscous and macaxeira for breakfast. Their lunch is rice, beans, chicken and salad. In addition, they have coffee with milk and eggs for dinner. In Chinese group the 4 people interviewed eat healthy food every day. Their food don’t seem like American one. They have a kitchen and they cook. Chinese women have rice, bread, egg, milk and sandwich for breakfast. For lunch is rice, beef, pork, chicken and fish. They usually eat the same of lunch for dinner. Chinese men generally eat noodle, rice, eggs and bread for breakfast. For lunch, they have fish, vegetable, meat, rice and chicken. Their dinner is the same of lunch.or The last group, Kwaitian’s group. Kwaitian men have eggs, yoghurt, tea, cereal with milk and an apple for breakfast. Their lunch is rice with fish, rice with meat or chicken and beef...
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