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1. What are the main sources of equity for the brand? Brand equity helps the customers to recognize the brand among other brands quickly and to simplify the buying decision process. It is the differential effect of brand knowledge on consumer responses to the marketing of a brand. The two components of Brand equity are Brand awareness and Brand image. The main goal is to make sure that the way the consumer perceives the brand and the way the brand owner defines what the brand stands for overlap as much as possible. EasyJet derives the most from the perceived quality. “The perceived quality refers to; A customer’ opinion of a product’ value to him or her. It may have little or nothing to do with the product’s market price and depends on the product’s availability to satisfy his or her needs or requirements”1 Easyjet is really focusing on this aspect because they are expanding and they are already flying to 129 destinations mainly in Europe. The second source is loyalty, they try to exceed or meet the passengers expectations to make sure they will fly with EasyJet. They control whether the passengers enjoyed their flights by sending a questionnaire to the passenger several days after they have flown with EasyJet.


 http://www.scribd.com/doc/75378880/Brand-­‐ Management-­‐Report-­‐   2

2. What does their CBBE pyramid look like? Resonance Offering a lower price to customers who book flights earlier encourages Customer loyalty. Judgements It is credible as a low cost flier, because they do what they say at a low price. Feelings Security “We will never compromise our commitment to safety, which is always the first priority for all our people”2 Every flight starts with a reminder what to do in case of an emergency so they passengers know what to do besides that in 2010, 7314 flight were cancelled due to a volcanic dust cloud. 3So the passengers should feel safe knowing that easJet is not taking any risks when it comes to safety of the passengers.

Fun easyJet creates the idea of making it easy to have fun and to travel without to much hassle. Performance Punctuality easyJet is quiet punctual in 2011 nearly 80% or all their flight were on time.


Quality of service The overall satisfaction is 79% and 82% of the passengers are likely to recommend easyjet, so they are doing quiet well. Best prices They have positioned themselves as a low fare airline. They are really focusing on efficiency so they can improve their profit margin and to keep on being able to offer the low priced tickets. Imagery Purchase and usage situations easyJet makes is really focusing on the convenience, they make it possible for the passengers to book their tickets in the comfort of their own home 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, they also have the option to print of their boarding pass at home and to book hotels and rent cars. Salience EasyJet is a low cost airline that flights passengers through out Europe and North Africa.

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