Dyslexia a Learning Disorder

Topics: Dyslexia, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Running Head: Dyslexia a learning disorder

The Threshold
Dyslexia a learning disorder
Kaplan University

The Threshold

At the age of six, she was diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disorder, and for her would be a life long challenge. Dyslexia does not only affect her reading, writing, and spelling skills, it also affected her concentration and her ability to memorize things like a simple rhyme. Children with dyslexia absorb information differently than other children. All through her first grade she would go to school an hour before all the other children in her class and she would work with a teacher, one on one. There is no cure for dyslexia, but with help and a lot of work, Jessica was reading and writing on the same level as her classmates by the end of second grade . She would complain about her early morning class and sometimes the kids would tease her but she never failed to go. When Jessica was growing up, she had many thresholds she had to cross before she became an adult. Because her mother had made some bad choices, she and her brothers were the ones that had to suffer. She had to concentrate, and work hard to stay on the same level of her classmates Alcohol abuse in the home led to a chaotic life, and to no avail. She went to five different high schools in three years, and a couple years after graduating she realized she was headed down the wrong path. She knew there was something more to life than this. With help and a lot of research and writing essays, Jessica enrolled herself in a course at the community college where she earned her Associates degree. She wanted to go to a university was soon accepted to at the University of Washington, shes in her third year , studying Film, Comparative Literature and Spanish. One of the hardest things to learn, for someone with dyslexia, is to learn a foreign language. When shes not studying she volunteers at...
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