duty of care

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duty of care
Duty of Care
The concept of ‘duty of care’ is doing all you can, at all times to ensure that you act in the best interest of the patients. Putting those that we care for at the centre of all our actions and ensuring the safety of what we do for them.
During practice duty of care means we must care out task at our own level of competence, not higher. Ensure that our actions do not break the laws, even if it means saying that you don’t feel that you should be doing something that your senior nurse asks you to do or that the patients ask you to do.
Meeting obligations in the respect of duty of care means that I have to keep up to date with the skills and knowledge of the NHS practice. I can do this by
Attend training days
Understanding the changes in the policies and procedures
Putting policies and procedures into practice
This also means I need to keep up to date accurate and complete records
Maintaining confidentiality
Dilemmas that may occur when caring for a patient would be when a patient decides to do something that a health care support work would consider dangerous or not in their best interest. I have to act in the best interest of a patient but also the patient has a right to choose to do as they wish.
As a health care support worker I can get more support and advice from
Senior members of staff
Further training
Policies and procedures When receiving a complaint
Take it seriously
Take action to resolve the issue
Main points for handling complaints
Put in writing
Time scale for actions
Investigate the complain
The right to appeal a complaint if not satisfied with the outcome
Follow the appeal to care quality commission
Responding to a complaint as part of duty of care to show the complainant that you’ve listened
Stay calm and respectful
Try to take the patient somewhere private and comfortable for them
Make sure the patient is talking to the correct person (senior nurse, sister)

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