Assignment 55

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The main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints in children and young people’s setting The main point of procedures for handling complaints in children and young people’s setting performance uses by doing what you are supposed to be doing and making sure that everything you do about handling complaints is correct and following your procedures from the work place. Using confidentiality with everything about the child and young person, following all of the policies and procedures that has been put forward by the workplace, making sure you safeguard the children and young people while handling complaints. Speak to child’s class teacher in the first instance or contact the school office to arrange an appointment to discuss your complaint with who you wish.

How they would respond to the complaint?
The staff will respond to the complaint by talking through it with the parents or carer and see what they say about it and be professional about it by following the policies and procedures to dealing with complaints. The parent would respond to the complaint by being rather upset or angry about the allegations that have been put forward and the parents and carers denying anything that has been said. Many concerns will be dealt with informally when you make them know. The first thing you should do is contact your child’s key worker/person and he or she will them see you or contact you by the phone or in writing, as soon as possible after. All members of staff know how refer your child if necessary. To the appropriate person with the reasonability issues raised by you. He or she will make a clear note of the details and will check later and make sure that everything has been followed up.
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