duty of care

Topics: Risk, Need, Want Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: October 16, 2014
‘Duty of care’ means that as a carer you have the responsibility to do everything you can to keep the service users safe from harm. As a community support worker it is my duty of care to ensure the service users needs and well being are well look after. I respect the individual, including keeping them from harm, any abuse that may occur or anything that may result in a injury to themselves. I also have to respect their choices which they may have. It is my duty that i conduct my job in a safe and effective working manner along with the policies and procedures provided to me.

Sometimes clients may want to do something which could be a risk to their Health and safety. As a community support worker i have a duty of care to that person and i must do all that you can to keep them safe but i also have a duty to respect the individuals rights and choice, so i have a dilemma. l recently had a dilemma where a client no longer wished to use her walking frame, but her care plan states that she needs it to move from place to place and i had to encourage her to use the frame. You would need to explain the risks involved to the individual and make sure they understand. Then monitor the situation. If they still refuse ensure this is noted in their care plan, so others aware if a problem occurs. If the individual insists on doing something which is unsafe or risky that is their choice and you must respect their right, but you have a duty of care and must do all you can to keep them safe d an individual’s rights.

There are many ways i can get support and advice to resolve any dilemma i may come across. I could go and talk to:- 1. Another support worker
2. Senior support worker
3. Supervisor
4. Manager

If a complaint is made i would respond by
1. providing any information accurately and as soon as possible 2. Not promising i could sort it out
3. Not discuss with anyone apart from my supervisor/manager
4. Not try and resolve it myself
5. Not discuss the...
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