Care Worker Responsibilities

Topics: Patient, Respect, Patience Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: January 7, 2011
I am going to be explaining a care workers responsibility to the patients. And there principles of care value base. As a care worker there rights and responsibilities are that they will be expected to work with service users in a way that demonstrates the values set out in the relevant codes of practice. This includes respecting the individuals rights of service users. In order to do this they will need too provide active support. Care workers will have to demonstrate respect for the people they are working with. The Care value base have five main features Equality and diversity ,Rights and responsibility ,Confidentiality ,Promote anti- discrimination ,Effective communication All workers that work in the health, social care and early years sector have to respect the CVB. This will then promote service users rights because they have a right to be treated with dignity, respect, treated as an individual, protected from abuse. People in care have a responsibility to help others to be independent and not try to control other people. The have to value and respect others. They should no that it doesn’t matter what culture, religion or of there lifestyle they have or are, they should respect them at all times. Also they shouldn’t interfere with others or put them at risk. A care workers responsibility to the service users is that the patient is being cared for in a way that meets his/her needs. For the care worker a patient’s confidentiality is there responsibility because of the service user’s rights. They have to be professional and maintain respect for individuals and must keep private information confidential. A care worker will no that there are legal requirement to keep personal records confidential. The service user will no that there private business should not be told to the public. Service users may not trust a carer if the carer does not keep information to themselves so this is why a carer should build up a trusting relationship with there patients. As a...
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