During the last two weeks discussions and readings

Topics: Knowledge, Skill, Learning Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: February 17, 2015
During the last two weeks discussions and readings ,I was able to extend my understanding related to learning and knowledge process within organizations and also with the importance of innovations in change process. One of the key points related with my work place is the acknowledgment of the life long learning process and its relevance to the working place,being considered one valuable asset .From the point of widening my knowledge ,and I can use as example the present study I am involved in ,and extended to my permanent review of skills, on job trainings and competencies periodically done by our Nursing Education Department within my organization, all can be considered suitable examples of what permanent learning and examination means.I realized that any hospital looking for new nurses will value new skills and knowledge,or experience brought inside the organization ,because those valuables will remain inside even the person will no longer be working there.The transfer of knowledge and experience will be done by direct work related contact ,-learning by doing,will be also completed by trainings and seminars-popular accounts or stories shared within the work group inside organization.(Clegg et al ,2011). However,I also understood that knowledge can be considered as barrier for further learning ,if we assume that we know everything and we cannot add more . I think that trying to achieve the PGCertificate in Management is not only the goal of getting raise of salary or a better position within our organization ,but also is a prove that we admit our limitations and our opening to broaden our knowledge. Regarding the change and relation with continuous innovation, I can reflect on my organization opening new Mother and Child Unit ,as an response to the movement of the competitors around ,rearranging the full process of admission for delivery ,providing new and top level quality rooms and technology for both mother and babies.
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